weekend wrap up: jan. 7-8

weekend wrap up

Holy moly, was it cold this weekend or what?! I have to admit that I only left my house twice– and that was more than enough for me! On Saturday, my parents came up to Stow to spend the afternoon with us. When they got here, we decided to run down to R. Shea Brewing (our favorite microbrewery!) and grab a few beers. While we were sitting in the car as my dad pumped gas, only a few miles away from the brewery, my mom said: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into Tom?” She was referring to my dad’s best friend from college- who lives in Lakewood, yet comes down to R. Shea’s occasionally. Friends, I kid you not– we pull into the parking lot a few minutes later and I screamed “Holy crap! Tom is walking in right now- there he is!”  My dad didn’t believe me- but sure enough, he was inside ! After we laughed about how ironic this was- we all grabbed a table and had the best time catching up! We also invited one of our friends from college, also conveniently named Tom, to come down as well! It was the best day!


On Sunday, I discovered my latest Netflix addiction: Scandal. Friends– I’m hooked. I don’t even want to admit how many episodes I binged throughout the day! But I was able to do some housework, catch up on my editing, watch the Steeler’s game and take a nap, too! When I did have to go out to the grocery store, I wore my new Hunter Boot fleece liners and new hat made by my friend Pam! I showed her a picture of a messy bun hat two weeks ago, and she surprised me with one! She is super talented and you need to check out her blog, Clever Little Mouse!

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Stay warm this week, friends!


  1. Kyle says:

    All that on Sunday AND you still had time for a nap? You’re my hero! <3

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