rachael & nick: outdoor summer wedding in new jersey


I first met Rachael three years ago on our first day of yoga teacher training. We actually we’re paired for the icebreaker and introduced each other to the group of 20 teacher trainees! She was also the one who immediately came to my car after seeing me get t-boned by another car and she sat with me to keep me calm until EMS arrived. Needless to say, when she asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was honored.

Rachael and Nick’s wedding was the first time I got to travel out of the Cleveland area for a wedding– and needless to say, I was so excited! Their wedding was in Rachael’s hometown in New Jersey, but we managed to beat the crowds and take photos early in the day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the iconic Rocky Steps. The weather for their outdoor ceremony could not have been more perfect- and their guests enjoyed lawn games throughout the reception.

Here’s a look back at their gorgeous day!

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Probably one of my favorites from the day: this lady saw us taking photos and asked me if she could get in one! Why not!

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Model status, seriously!

2017-03-03_0058 2017-03-03_0061

Wishing you two a lifetime of laughter & happiness! Thank you for allowing me to capture your best day ever!

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