weekend wrap up: chincoteague island getaway

weekend wrap up

Over the weekend, one of my childhood dreams came true: I got to see the wild ponies that live on Chincoteague Island in person! You may think that’s a silly childhood dream, but when I was growing up, I was obsessed with horses (and I still say I’ll own one someday) and would read a ton of books about them. One of those books happened to be Misty of Chincoteague, which was about two children who buy a wild pony and her foal, Misty. So I was that little girl who would say, “someday I’m going to go there and see the wild ponies.” Well friends, Saturday was the day- and it didn’t disappoint!

I was already in D.C. for work last week, so Jason flew down for the weekend and we ventured first into my favorite city, Annapolis, for a quick lunch at The Iron Rooster. Then we headed to the cutest hotel that honestly felt more like home than anything. I highly recommend the Refuge Inn if you’re in the area! On Saturday, we got up and went to see if we could find the wild ponies— and we definitely lucked out because multiple groups of horses were out and about! We ended up talking with two of the loveliest local women who were also taking photos that morning and the best part? They knew every horse by name and knew their entire story. Needless to say we had the best morning chatting with them and getting to know more of the history of the island. Plus, getting to spend some time at the ocean was a nice perk, too! 2017-04-10_0004 2017-04-10_0003 2017-04-10_0025 2017-04-10_0024 2017-04-10_0023 2017-04-10_0021 2017-04-10_0022 2017-04-10_0018

Childhood dream come true!


2017-04-10_0019 2017-04-10_0011 2017-04-10_0009 2017-04-10_0008 2017-04-10_0010 2017-04-10_0020

On Sunday, we got up before the sun to watch it rise on the beach. I loved watching the sun change the colors of the sky, water & sand! See what I mean below. Take me backkk!

2017-04-10_0016 2017-04-10_0017 2017-04-10_0015 2017-04-10_0014 2017-04-10_00132017-04-10_0012  2017-04-10_0007

Have a great week, friends!

  1. Carlyn says:

    So beautiful!!!! I want to read that book, I swear I never heard of this magical place before!

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