marisa & ethan: a spring wedding at drake’s landing


I know what you’re thinking: didn’t this wedding happen one year ago? Yes! It sure did. But at that time, I didn’t have by blog yet!  So you know what that means – this is the perfect opportunity to relive Marisa & Ethan’s beautiful spring wedding – and what better day to do that than on their 1 year anniversary!

I’ve known Marisa for quite some time because her brother is one of my good friends. And she and Ethan are high school sweethearts who are literally the cutest couple. I was so honored when she asked me to photograph their best day ever! Even though there was a little bit of rain- we didn’t let that stop us from getting the perfect outdoor photos. Here’s just a handful of my favorites!

2017-05-12_0002 2017-05-12_0003 2017-05-12_0005 2017-05-12_0006 2017-05-12_0007 2017-05-12_0008 2017-05-12_0009 2017-05-12_0010 2017-05-12_0011 2017-05-12_0017 2017-05-12_0018

These two shared the sweetest first look!

2017-05-12_0001 2017-05-12_0016 2017-05-12_0020 2017-05-12_0019 2017-05-12_0026 2017-05-12_0025 2017-05-12_0012 2017-05-12_0015 2017-05-12_0014 2017-05-12_0013 2017-05-12_0004 2017-05-12_0021 2017-05-12_0022 2017-05-12_0023 2017-05-12_0024 2017-05-12_0027 2017-05-12_0028

Rainy wedding days are honestly my favorites— give me all the umbrella shots!!


2017-05-12_0029  2017-05-12_0032 2017-05-12_0031 2017-05-12_0035

This melts my heart. Drew dancing with his beautiful sister.

2017-05-12_0034 2017-05-12_0033

Who says the photographer can’t take a break to dance with the mother of the bride! So much fun!


Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Marisa & Ethan!! Here’s to many, many more!

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