kristin & andy: downtown akron baby announcement


To say I’m excited for Kristin & Andy is an understatement! When they told me they were expecting their first baby, I knew we were going to have to celebrate in a fun way! (You may remember them from their beautiful Akron Art Museum wedding last year.) Funny back story- Kristin and I go to the same yoga studio and sometimes we go out for coffee on Saturday mornings after class. Back in the winter, she mentioned she dreamed that she was pregnant and called me to talk about taking photos. She quickly mentioned that she definitely wasn’t pregnant- but that when the time did come- we would celebrate with pictures. Well, two months later I’m getting my hair cut (Andy has dealt with my huge head of hair for the past 6 years) and he told me that he had a secret to tell me, but I couldn’t freak out because the other girls at the salon didn’t know yet. So there I was, sitting in his chair, with scissors dangerously close to my head, and he told me Kristin was pregnant! I kept my part of the deal and didn’t scream, even though I really wanted to jump up and down from excitement! So now that you know the backstory, enjoy these adorable photos for their baby announcement!

2017-05-12_0063 2017-05-12_0064 2017-05-12_0065 2017-05-12_0066 2017-05-12_0067 2017-05-12_0068 2017-05-12_0069 2017-05-12_0070 2017-05-12_0071 2017-05-12_0072

These next three might be my favorites!

2017-05-12_0073 2017-05-12_0074 2017-05-12_0075 2017-05-12_0076 2017-05-12_0077 2017-05-12_0078 2017-05-12_0079 2017-05-12_0080

This next series of photos is making my photographer heart so happy! The same pose from their engagement session, wedding day and now baby announcement! It’s such an honor to capture the big moments in their lives!


Congratulations, Kristin & Andy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with capturing all of these amazing moments for you. I can’t wait to meet Baby Johnson this fall!


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