weekend wrap up: birthday celebration

June 4, 2017

Another three-day weekend is in the books and it was one to remember! Backstory for those who don’t know: my best friend Beeb and I were born on the same day, only 8 hours apart in the same hospital. (I’m the younger one) My mom even heard her mom while she was in labor! Crazy. I like to think that we held hands in the nursery and our friendship started there. That’s more than likely not true, but I’m going to go with it! Since our birthday is on a Tuesday this year, we decided to take a long weekend and celebrate at the cabin! We met up on Friday and relaxed at the cabin and made dinner and played games. Then, on Saturday, Beeb & I went to the spa at Seven Springs for a massage– heaven. We then took a trip to Ohio Pyle, which I haven’t been to in years- so I loved being back! Plus, it was such a beautiful day that it was amazing to be outside enjoying the sun. We ended our night with an amazing dinner at Out of the Fire, a local restaurant near the cabin! It was such a relaxing weekend and I’m so happy we all got to get away for a few days despite our crazy summer schedules. I didn’t take my camera with me since it was a little risky near the water– especially since I have my first wedding of the season this coming weekend! But iPhone shots will do!

2017-06-04_0006 2017-06-04_0005 2017-06-04_0004 2017-06-04_0003 2017-06-04_0002 2017-06-04_0001

IMG_3317 IMG_3316


Have a great week, friends!

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