happy 28th birthday to my best friend


To my best friend on her (our) birthday: June 6th, 1989- the day we were both born at the same hospital just 8 hours apart. Even though I’d like to think we became friends that day, we technically waited 14 years until that actually happened.  So even though I wish we could say we’ve been best friends since the day we were born, I’m still grateful every day that we finally did become friends 14 years ago. When you find a true friend, one that’s more like a sister, you realize just how lucky you are. Thank you, Beeb, for being my best friend & one of my biggest supporters. We’ve laughed together, cried together and shared multiple big life events together and I can’t wait to keep celebrating each and every year with you! Happy 28th birthday from the “younger one.” I love you!


A look back at some of our birthday photos over the years!

2017-06-05_0001 2017-06-05_0003 2017-06-05_0002 2017-06-05_0006 2017-06-05_0007 2017-06-05_0004 2017-06-05_0005 2017-06-05_0009 2017-06-05_0008

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday to you!! Love you and so happy to have celebrated 14 birthdays with you…wow literally 1/2 of our life!!!! Love ya

  2. Amy says:

    Love, love, LOVE these pictures…… but most of all…. love these sweet girls!!!!! Enjoy your special day. How blessed you are to have each other. 💕

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