erin & tom: columbus park of roses spring engagement session

engagement photography

I have been looking forward to sharing these photos with you ever since Erin asked me to be her wedding photographer back in December! And the reason this engagement session was so special for me is because Erin and I go way back! We’ve been friends since elementary school and continued to grow closer and closer as the years went on. Erin was in my wedding and has always been one of my number one supporters! So you can image how honored I was when she asked me to be the photographer for her best day ever! One other fun fact: I’m pulling double-duty at her wedding as one of her bridesmaids and I couldn’t be more excited! For their engagement session, Erin really wanted the flowers to be in bloom at the Columbus Park of Roses. With a little bit of planning, we were able to find the perfect time of year for there to be blooms and I’m so happy it worked out. The next day, we went to Lineage Brewing, which is one of their favorite Columbus breweries. These photos are some of my favorites because they incorporate something they love to do together. There’s nothing better!

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