weekend wrap up: florida vacation

weekend wrap up

What an amazing week! A beach vacation with family is definitely good for the soul and spending the last 5 days in Florida was just what I needed to feel recharged. But I will say this, Florida is HOT in July- and not the typical Ohio hot. Good lord! And I don’t think I’ve ever used as much sunscreen in a week than I have in my whole life! But because of the sand, heat and sunscreen, I decided to keep my camera in the condo for the most part and instead used my phone. Although I did break it out to take my niece’s senior photos and I can’t wait to share all of them with you soon! Here’s a look back at my past week!

2017-07-09_0009 2017-07-09_0005 2017-07-09_0008 2017-07-09_0007 2017-07-09_0015 Jason surprised me with horseback riding in the Gulf of Mexico! It was truly incredible! 2017-07-09_0013 2017-07-09_0014 2017-07-09_0010 2017-07-09_0012 2017-07-09_0016 2017-07-09_00114th of July on the beach was unlike anything I have ever seen before! We saw fireworks for miles down the beach and it was incredible!

2017-07-09_0001 2017-07-09_0006 2017-07-09_0002 2017-07-09_0003 2017-07-09_0004Here’s a sneak peek of Abby’s senior photos!

allisonewingphotography-abby-preview-FINAL-1 allisonewingphotography-abby-FINAL-1 allisonewingphotography-abby-FINAL-1-2

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