weekend wrap up: erin’s shower & bachelorette party

weekend wrap up

Labor Day weekend 2017 was definitely one for the record books! It started on Saturday with Erin’s bridal shower, which was absolutely beautiful! Then 16 of us went to the cabin to continue the celebration for Erin’s bachelorette party, which we named #McIlmania! It was so fun to spend time with my friends since childhood, and also meet Erin’s college friends. Take a look at some of my favorites from the weekend! 2017-09-05_0001 2017-09-05_0002 2017-09-05_0003 2017-09-05_0004 2017-09-05_0005 2017-09-05_0006 2017-09-05_0007 2017-09-05_0008 2017-09-05_0009 2017-09-05_0010 2017-09-05_0012 2017-09-05_0011 2017-09-05_0013 2017-09-05_0014 2017-09-05_0015

2017-09-05_0016 2017-09-05_0017


Have a great week, friends!!

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