jordan & justin: fall couples session at beaver creek


I love fall sessions, especially when they involve an adorable dog like Peaches! I met Jordan, Justin and their sweet pup a few weeks ago at Beaver Creek for some updated family photos and I absolutely loved spending time with them! One of my 2018 brides is a close friend of Jordan & Justin, so she came and helped with Peaches so we could get some pictures of just the two of them! She was such a help– plus I loved getting to see her, too! Enjoy some of my favorites below!

2017-11-05_0001 2017-11-05_0003 2017-11-05_0002 2017-11-05_0004 2017-11-05_0005 2017-11-05_0007 2017-11-05_0006 2017-11-05_0008 2017-11-05_0010 2017-11-05_0009 2017-11-05_0011 2017-11-05_0012 2017-11-05_0013 2017-11-05_0014 2017-11-05_0015 2017-11-05_0016 2017-11-05_0017 2017-11-05_0018 2017-11-05_0019 2017-11-05_0020 2017-11-05_0021 2017-11-05_0022 2017-11-05_0023

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