jude: in-home newborn photos


I could not be more excited to share my latest in-home newborn session with you because it features two of my friends and their sweet new babe! It’s safe to say that this type of session is one of my favorites to shoot, and I think you’ll see why below!

I have known Josh since middle school and we’ve been friends ever since! And I knew the minute I met his wife Laura that we would be friends! I actually remember saying that I wish we lived in the same city because she’s just a person you want to be around. When they announced that they were expecting, I was so excited for them! (You can see their winter maternity session here.)

Fast forward a few months and Jude Alexander Kiger is finally here! He is the cutest little guy and I absolutely loved getting to meet him last week and take photos of their now family of three!

Take a look at my favorites from Jude’s in-home newborn photo shoot below.

in-home-newborn-session-50 in-home-newborn-session-51

in-home-newborn-session-1 in-home-newborn-session-2 in-home-newborn-session-4 in-home-newborn-session-2


in-home-newborn-session-5 in-home-newborn-session-7 in-home-newborn-session-6 in-home-newborn-session-8 in-home-newborn-session-9 in-home-newborn-session-10 in-home-newborn-session-111 in-home-newborn-session-12 in-home-newborn-session-13 in-home-newborn-session-14 in-home-newborn-session-16 in-home-newborn-session-15 in-home-newborn-session-17 in-home-newborn-session-21 in-home-newborn-session-18 in-home-newborn-session-20 in-home-newborn-session-22 in-home-newborn-session-23 in-home-newborn-session-24 in-home-newborn-session-25 in-home-newborn-session-27 in-home-newborn-session-26in-home-newborn-session-53 in-home-newborn-session-28 in-home-newborn-session-29in-home-newborn-session-30 in-home-newborn-session-31 in-home-newborn-session-39 in-home-newborn-session-32 in-home-newborn-session-33 in-home-newborn-session-36 in-home-newborn-session-34 in-home-newborn-session-37 in-home-newborn-session-38 in-home-newborn-session-35 in-home-newborn-session-40 in-home-newborn-session-41 in-home-newborn-session-42 in-home-newborn-session-43 in-home-newborn-session-44 in-home-newborn-session-45 in-home-newborn-session-46 in-home-newborn-session-47 in-home-newborn-session-48 in-home-newborn-session-49Josh & Laura, I am so, so, happy for you! Thank you so much for having me document this special time in your lives. I hope you love these photos as much as I do.

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