jon & jess: spring engagement session in chicago

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This past weekend, Jason and I headed to Chicago for Jon & Jessica’s spring engagement session! I was super excited to be back in Chicago and I absolutely love checking out new places to take photos. Jon & Jess are seriously the cutest and it’s so easy to take pictures of them. They are complete naturals in front of the camera and they constantly make each other laugh- which I love!

When we were planning their session, I asked if there were any places in particular they wanted to go. They immediately mentioned their favorite ice cream shop, Margie’s Candies and their favorite brewery, Revolution Brewing. Ice cream AND craft beer for an engagement session? SIGN ME UP!

Our session spanned two days, which was really helpful since it takes a bit of time to travel around the city. Plus it started to rain on Friday so we ended up inside sooner than I thought. We were able to take some fun shots in front of the Chicago mural wall and on Saturday, we headed to Union Station for more portraits. But don’t let the photos fool you– it was FREEZING the entire weekend. On Saturday, we would shoot for ten minutes, and then head back inside to warm up. I couldn’t believe that it was the last day of April and I couldn’t feel my fingers. Crazy!

Despite the rain and cold, we still captured a ton of amazing engagement photos! Here are just a few of my favorites!

chicago-engagement-photos-4 chicago-engagement-photos-20 chicago-engagement-photos-13 chicago mural wall engagement session chicago-engagement-photos-19 chicago-engagement-photos-18 chicago-engagement-photos-17 chicago mural wall chicago mural wall photos chicago-engagement-photos-8 chicago engagement session chicago engagement photos chicago engagement chicago-engagement-photos-5 chicago-engagement-photos-7 chicago-engagement-photos-9 chicago-engagement-photos-10 chicago-engagement-photos-11 chicago mural wall engagement photos chicago-engagement-photos-6 chicago-engagement-photos-24 chicago-engagement-photos-25 margies candies chicago-engagement-photos-48 margies candies chicago chicago-engagement-photos-46 chicago-engagement-photos-47 chicago-engagement-photos-45 margies candies engagement session union station chicago-engagement-photos-42 union station engagement union station chicago chicago-engagement-photos-37 union station engagement photos chicago-engagement-photos-35 chicago-engagement-photos-34 chicago-engagement-photos-36 chicago-engagement-photos-31 chicago-engagement-photos-33 chicago-engagement-photos-32 chicago-engagement-photos-26 revolution brewing revolution brewing tap room revolution brewing engagement photos revolution brewing co chicago-engagement-photos-23 chicago-engagement-photos-22

Jon & Jess- I absolutely can’t wait for your wedding! It’s going to be such an amazing celebration. See you both in August!!

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