michael: in-home newborn photos


When Brittney contacted me about scheduling an in-home newborn session for her son, I was so excited! We started planning everything except for the exact date of the session since we all know babies hardly ever come on time! So a few weeks ago when she emailed me that Michael was here, I couldn’t wait to get the new family of three in front of my camera.

I always plan for extra time with newborn sessions due to feedings, diaper changes and outfit changes. But Michael was basically the happiest baby and honestly didn’t need the extra time at all! He was so content despite moving him around for different shots and I couldn’t believe all the photos we accomplished in a little over an hour! Brittney & Zach are amazing parents and I truly loved watching them interact with their son. I’m so happy that I was able to capture this special time for them! We even managed to get a photo of them and their dog at the end of the session which is adorable.

Michael’s nursery was a photographer’s dream! There was so much natural light from the windows, so I was basically in heaven. The attention to detail that they put into his nursery was clear the moment I saw it. Zach even installed the wooden wall himself!

Scroll through to see my favorites from the Marino’s session!

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