lori & cody: colorado photo session at garden of the gods


I haven’t had Cody & Lori in front of my camera since their wedding a few years ago, so when we found out we’d be in Colorado at the same time, we decided it was time for some updated photos! Our schedule was pretty busy during our 5 days in Colorado, but we found an hour to sneak away to the Garden of the Gods for their session and I’m so glad we did! I still can’t get over the amazing backdrops in Colorado, from the mountains to the red rocks and all the greenery, it was literally a photographer’s dream come true. And Cody & Lori? Well, they are complete naturals and their photos are the cutest. I’m pretty sure I just kept saying “I can’t believe this is real life” during our session.

I don’t typically shoot in full sun– I’m more of a sunset gal! But because we could only make time for a session during the day, we rocked the full sun, sunscreen and all. I’m also pretty sure I chugged more water during this 45 minute session than  I do in a typical day in Ohio. Our favorite saying from the trip was “it’s the altitude!” So anytime someone had a headache, felt thirsty or was tired we would blame the altitude. Even though I think it was a combination of lack of sleep and being old! Ha!

We had an amazing time in Colorado and I’m so glad we got to experience a new state with our friends! I definitely already want to go back.

Enjoy my favorites from Cody & Lori’s session at Garden of the Gods below!

garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-1 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-2 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-4 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-3 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-5 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-6 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-7 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-8 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-9 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-10 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-11 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-12 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-13 I spy a photo-bomber! garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-14 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-15 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-16 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-17 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-18 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-19 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-20 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-21 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-22 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-23 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-24 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-25 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-26 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-27 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-28 Cody said he only wanted one specific photo, and here it is:garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-29 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-30 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-31 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-32 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-33 garden-of-the-gods-photo-session-34

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