jada & nick: a backyard summer wedding in akron ohio


Jada & Nick’s wedding day started off with a forecast predicting rain and storms all day. I was hoping Ohio weather would change at the last minute, and sure enough, it did! Right before Jada walked down the aisle of her backyard wedding, the rain stopped and it was completely dry the rest of the day!

Let me just say that backyard weddings are seriously a new favorite! There was such a relaxed, laid-back vibe about the whole day and I absolutely loved it. Jada and Nick’s wedding took place at his sister’s beautiful house. When I arrived, the house was filled with so many cute decorations and the backyard was stunning! After their ceremony, I took the two of them away from their guests for a bit to take their portraits at a nearby park. And because the weather was so unpredictable, there was literally no one else there! We basically had the whole park to ourselves for all of their photos! Oh, and did I forget to mention that they had catered Chipotle at their reception? Can we talk about how excited that made me?! Such a fantastic idea!

But my favorite part of the whole day was how in love Jada and Nick were! When I was taking photos of Jada’s details, she caught a glimpse of Nick outside setting up chairs and she said, “He is just so perfect! I can’t wait to marry him.” I loved that! They both kept talking about how perfect the day was and how excited they were to be married. At the end of the day, Nick was spinning his ring around on his finger (like most grooms do right after they get married) and I asked him if it felt weird. He replied, “No! I love the way it feels to wear a ring! It’s the best.” And I may have wanted to shed a tear right there because I thought that was the sweetest. It’s clear that Jada and Nick were destined to be together and I’m so happy I could document their love story for them! Enjoy my favorites from their best day ever!

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