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Getting engaged over the holiday season is SUCH a fun time!! I remember when my now husband proposed to me on Christmas day that my first thought– after telling my friends and family the big news of course– was that I had no idea where to begin! Here are a few things I’d wish I had known during the first couple of months of our engagement.

  1. Get on the same page with your fiance: This is really important for a smooth wedding planning experience! By sitting down and having a heart to heart with your fiance, you can both talk through what your wedding is going to look like or, more importantly, what you don’t want it to look like. Setting your budget, thinking about your priorities, deciding whether you want an intimate wedding or an all out 500 person party– all of this needs to be talked about before you get everything started! 
  2. Book your venue: The reason I put this high on the list is because popular venues tend to book up QUICK! So if you have your heart set on a particular venue, then you’ll want to schedule a tour and check its availability ASAP. The venue’s availability could also help you to choose your date (if you haven’t already.) I know a lot of my couples let the venue availability dictate the date they choose because it’s really important to them! So if you have a certain look and feel you want for your best day ever and you know there’s a venue that crosses all the items off on the list, then get to booking!!
  3. Book your must-have vendors: Just like with venues, you’ll want to book your vendors that you absolutely want to work with on your wedding day. Photographers and videographers also book up quickly (especially in the fall months) so it’s really important to reach out to those vendors who will document your wedding day. I personally believe that your photographer and videographer should take priority over anything else as they are the ones that you are trusting to document your wedding day. Remember that your wedding day only happens once, and your photos and video will be the only tangible things you have after your wedding day is over! Your wedding photos will hang on your walls for decades to come and your photos will be passed down from generation to generation. Please, please consider booking experienced photographers and videographers to capture your day! *Shameless plug: I’m currently booking 2020 and 2021 weddings and would LOVE to chat with you and your fiance and see if we’re a good fit for each other! 
  4. Insure your ring: In all the excitement of getting engaged, it’s easy to forget that the new diamond you’re sporting on your left hand needs to be insured. You’ll want to get your diamond covered in case of worst case scenarios that I’d rather not think about! But having your new diamond friend insured will give you peace of mind! You can get insurance through companies that specialize in jewelry insurance or you can add it to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  5. Take time to plan, but also time to celebrate! This might be my favorite point of this entire blog post. What I want you to know is that planning a wedding is time consuming, but it doesn’t need to consume your whole life. (And it shouldn’t!) Take time to enjoy this season of being engaged! Plan a day or several days throughout the week where you don’t talk about wedding planning at all! I promise you this will be for the best. If you have a scheduled date night, plan ahead whether or not you’re going to talk about the wedding! And in the process of planning for your wedding, don’t forget to plan for your marriage. Your wedding day is going to be absolutely AMAZING! (You’re marrying your best friend after all!) But a strong marriage is what’s going to last you a lifetime. 


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