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If you’ve followed me for the past year, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve probably seen me post about my love for Brett Young. I first saw him on American IdolĀ  in 2019 when he performed a duet with one of the contestants– and ever since then I’ve been completely obsessed with every single song he sings! The number of hours I’ve listened to his songs on Spotify over a span of 8 months is slightly embarrassing.

Back in December, our amazing friends, Erika & Jared, surprised me with pit tickets to a Brett Young concert in January and I cannot tell you how excited I was!! One of the best gifts EVER!! We were so close to him that I could have reached out and touched him! (Honestly can’t believe I didn’t try…)

Before the concert started, I saw a couple trying to get a selfie with the stage. And even though I didn’t have my actual camera with me, I still wanted to offer my help! After I took a few photos, we started talking and I told them how this was the second time I was seeing Brett in person, but that the first concert I went to was cancelled a few songs early due to a storm that passed through. A few minutes later, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and a guy (hey, Cameron!) handed me a signed Brett Young poster from the meet-and-greet before the concert and said: “I heard you talking to them and I think you should have this more than me!” I couldn’t believe it and literally thanked him so many times!

The concert was absolutely incredible and I was the happiest girl in the whole world for those two hours! I tried to not be on my phone too much during the concert so I could really be in the moment– but I did sneak a few photos that you can see below! (Please ignore the iPhone quality.)

We spent the rest of the weekend in Toledo and had such a fun little getaway! Sending another huge thank you out to our amazing friends Erika and Jared for such an incredible weekend!! You guys are the best and we feel so grateful to have you in our lives!!

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